Our Values


Create an agile, innovative company building amazing facilities throughout the Southwest United States.


At SDV we build exceptional work environments for our customers to realize their dreams and aspirations. We create opportunities for veterans and their families to succeed and grow. Our values and day to day achievements make our mission a reality.


Exceptional Quality

Workmanship drives our reputation and customer satisfaction and we never sacrifice quality to save time or money. We set the standard for our subcontractors to follow and never accept substandard craftsmanship, period.

Uncompromising Safety

Everyone is responsible for safety. All injuries and incidents are avoidable and each of us are responsible to eliminate hazards, protect ourselves and protect our fellow workers whether they are SDV employees, subcontractors, owners or unsuspecting wanderers.

Complete Honesty

We commit to an open environment where everyone can speak their mind, respectfully, even if it is sometimes difficult to say. We are not afraid of challenges and will take decisive action to mitigate them; achieving a positive outcome. We always tell the truth. We never take shortcuts. Theft is not tolerated.

Life - Work Balance

Work and family are important aspects of our daily lives and should be enjoyed to the fullest. Our accomplishments at work bring fulfillment to our lives at home. We have fun!

Stay Agile

We will tackle any job in any location, especially if others don't want to do it. We excel at overcoming adversity.

Care for Each Other & Our Customers

We are respectful of each other's ideas and opinions and treat everyone as partners in accomplishing our mission. We LISTEN! We value everyone's unique skills and take advantage of those to build a strong, cohesive team.

Commitment to Our Customer, Community, Selves

We keep our promises. We don't make excuses. We do what we say we are going to do. Our successes are shared with our community and our country's veterans.