Featured Project

"Curry County has been very pleased with the work and assistance received from SDV Construction over the past five (5) years. Without any hesitation I would recommend SDV Construction for future Construction Contracting Opportunities.

I have had the pleasure of working directly with SDV Construction on various projects which includes the construction/renovation of the County's Administration Complex located at 417 Gidding, and the addition the construction/expansion of the new Curry County Detention Facility. SDV Construction has supported the County's construction efforts in various capacities to include General Contractor and Construction Consultant/ Advisor with overall project values ranging from $3.5M to $11.SM.

My team and I have experienced SDV Construction to have the highest level of integrity, attention to detail, quality and safety throughout their operations. In addition, their efforts with regard to budget stewardship, scheduling, operational management and communication has resulted in the successful execution of some very complex and critical projects for the County.

Lance A. Pyle, Curry County Manager

This project includes the addition of a housing unit for 24 single cells (48 double cells) with a medical unit that ties in with the existing Adult Detention Center, construction of a new Sally Port and, renovations to the existing facility.

April 2016, Curry County hired SDV Construction as its consultant to assist and advise the County on the pre-design, schematic, and construction bidding phase of the Curry County Detention Center addition and renovation. SDV assisted with contract preparation for the successful architect. During the pre-construction phase, SDV served as the County’s representative at all meetings between the architect and Detention Center management  and advised the County Administration and Finance on any issues, concerns, ecommendations or cost saving measures to aid and assist the County with the project. SDV advised on ways to minimize cost during renovation and construction methods in order to keep as many inmates located in the County during the renovation and construction of the existing facility.

November 2017, SDV was contracted as Curry County’s Consultant/Advisor for the construction and renovation. In that capacity, assisted with the preparation of the contract with the General Contractor and monitored, reviewed, and provided periodic analysis of the project. SDV assisted the contractor in maximizing the operational and financial performance of the project through value engineering. With access to the entire site, SDV kept the County Manager and Facilities Maintenance Superintendent informed and briefed on the progress of construction and ensured that the Contractor was in compliance with the plans and specifications.

In addition to advising Curry County regarding the project itself, SDV provided a risk assessment of the project. SDV’s input was to assist the County in understanding and addressing issues, problems and unexpected contingencies and aid on how to resolve in the most cost-effective manner, recognizing Detention Standards and Security Standards.

SDV monitored the project weekly, if not several times a week and reviewed and provided information and recommendations regarding all change orders with the Contractor and Architect.

 SDV, acting in the capacity of Project Manager informed the County on all aspects of the Project and advised the County in making any decisions on normal day to day matters that may arise as well as any unknown matters that may arise during the course of the construction.